Avalard Publishing operates an open-submissions policy. We do not require your work be sent through an agent.

Our general policy of acceptance is that we have to be interested in the book ourselves before we will publish – there is after all little point in promoting a book we don’t believe in! We work closely with our authors to bring the books to print, providing advice and encouragement at every step of the process.

As titles are announced over the coming months you’ll get an idea for some of the material we are interested in, but there is no hard and fast rules. We have particular interests in books about film/television/theatre, Irish history, photography and fiction. We will also be producing a line of reprint editions.

Initial enquiries can be emailed to submissions@avalardpublishing.com

The more information you include with your submission, the better we will be able to judge. Some of the things you might like to include: Authors name and contact details; a short biography / CV; proposed title; a description of the proposed book including details about length, illustrations (if any), format, possible audience; and if you’re really clued in, a sample chapter. Please hold back on sending a completed manuscript until we’ve assessed the basics!

If we like what we see we’ll get back to you pretty quickly to talk about moving things forward. And if it doesn’t fit, we’ll let you know too!

Please don’t submit if you’re looking for a big advance. We are a small publisher. We simply can’t afford them. Sorry.

Email all submissions to submissions@avalardpublishing.com